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International Cooperation for Professional Training in Protection of Monuments – Heritage Train II

Project Goal:

The project goal is to contribute to development and improvement of the professional training in the field of cultural heritage through Czech-Slovak-Austrian cooperation.


The project is based on the need to implement systematic education among the employees of monument offices, as well as employees of local governments and other entities involved in the protection and development of cultural heritage. This need was identified in the Slovak repoblic, Czech republic and in Austria within the frame of the project International Cooperation for Professional Training in Protection of Monuments (Heritage Train I.) conducted from 2019 to 2022.

Target Groups:

  • Craftsmen
  • Employees of monument boards and institutions
  • Employees of regional and local governments
  • Owners of built heritage
  • Architects and civil engineers

Project Activities and Results:

  • Compiling the pool of experts
  • Preparation of learning modules and compiling of virtual library
  • Piloting selected modules
  • Evaluation of piloted moduls and adjustment
  • Multiplier events and establishment of new partnerships


The project is funded by the European Union under the ERASMUS+ program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships. The total budget for the project for four partners is 400,000 EUR. The project duration is from October 2023 to September 2026.

Donors and Partners:

Project partners:

Academia Istropolitana Nova – Svätý Jur, Slovak republic

Univerzita Pardubice, Faculty of restoration – Litomyšl, Czech republic

Forderung der Baudenkmalpflege Verein (Association for the Advancement of the Architectural Heritage Conservation) – mauerbach, Austria

The National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic (Národní památkový ústav České republiky) – Praha, Czech republic

Associated partners:

Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic – Bratislava

Bundesdenkmalamt (Federal Monuments Authority) – Wien, Austria

Documents for Download:

Project contract
Comparative Analysis of the Educational Supply and Demand in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. Outline for International Modular Training

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