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Designing the Modern Policy of Adult Education – MOVED

Project Goal:

  • to map activities in the field of adult education at the level of local governments, especially at the level of VÚC (i.e. higher territorial unit) and cities
  • to increase the awareness of regional policy makers about the functions and benefits of activities in the field of adult education for the region, employers, but also for the final participants – the citizens
  • to support the institutional capacity of public administration at regional level
  • to contribute to the creation of an effective public policy of adult education (AE) at all levels with an emphasis on local governments

Phase One – Mapping – English summary

Phase Two – Evaluation – English summary

Policy Brief of the project


The project was supported by the European Social Fund through the Operational Program Effective Public Administration. The amount of the provided contribution was EUR 256 900. The duration of the project was from May 2018 to June 2020.

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