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Teachers as Change Agents – How to integrate education for sustainable development in teacher training curricula in V4 countries

Project Goal:

The overall project objective is to enhance mainstreaming ESD in teacher education in the V4 region. This will be done through research and ensuing recommendations. The research shall that a) collect and synthesize Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) initiatives in teacher training in Visegrad countries,
b) identify the bottlenecks of the implementation, to inform the mainstreaming of ESD in the teacher training.

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Eventhough there are initiatives of good practice, tools and methods developed and adapted in the field to local contexts, ESD is still not an integral part of our education. The main issues are:

1) national-level administrations lack internal drive to change and are out-of-reach for influence

2) related government strategies miss out on teacher training, and are not binding, therefore

3) initiatives remain singular and isolated, dependent on dedicated individuals, and

4) non-systemic / fragmented in scope (do not reflect the holistic approach of the SDGs, i.e. do not cover global challenges in their interdependent context),

5) initiatives lack resources to exchange knowledge.

Target Groups:  

  • University teachers, staff of teacher training institutions
  • Students of teacher training institutions, student associations
  • NGOs

Project Results: 

All results are available also on project website

  • Country research reports (The report for Slovakia is here)
  • V4 workshop to exchange the findings
  • National and regional recommendations


The project is financed by the International Visegrad Fund with the budget of EUR 18 944. The duration period is from October 2020 to October 2021.

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