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Reurbanization of Inner-city Residential Zones – ReUrban Mobil

Project Goal:

The aim of the project is to analyze the possibilities and obstacles to the reurbanization of inner-city residential areas and to develop tools, incentives and strategies for the appropriate and sustainable use of these areas. An important component of the project was the confirmation of the need to implement measures to improve the management and maintenance of the historic housing , which are a necessary condition for increasing the attractiveness of inner-city residential zones and strengthening their competitiveness against suburbanization trends, disproportionately burdening the environment and depleting territorial resources.

More information about the project is available at the project website


The project was supported by the PSS Fund, a.s. and the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Program. The duration of the project was from October 2002 to September 2005. The total budget was EUR 2 069 349.60, of which ERDF support was EUR 1 666 909.70.

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