AINova is a nonprofit institute providing competence and institutional development services and policy advice in the fields of European affairs as well as regional and local development. The institution promotes European cooperation whilst preserving the local culture, identity and heritage.

The basic pillars of our activities are:

Cultural Heritage

We raise awareness about the European/national cultural heritage and of the value of cultural diversity as an integral element of the social cohesion.

Active Citizenship & Democracy

We increase the potential of civic actors, especially the youth in active participation in public affairs in Slovakia and European Union through education and training.

Good Governance

We contribute to rule of law, development of modern, effective and client-friendly public policies; better preparedness of the society to global challenges by improving transversal competences & skills.

Promotion of Sustainable Development

We contribute to the implementation of Slovak National Priorities of Agenda 2030; as well as to the sustainable development of the AIN’s microregion (Little Carpathian area).

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